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General construction work

General Construction Work

In Syarikat Saga, we develop skills and expertise to meet the needs of our clients. We do general construction and when our clients need us to provide fine work on interiors and exteriors, we are ready to meet their requirements.

General Construction Projects

  • Buildings and Entryways
  • Driveway and Car Park Paving
  • Pedestrian walkways and Corridors
  • Water Features and Pools
  • Roofing and Metalworks
  • Commerical, Industrial and Residential

Recognized for our workmanship

  • Pebble Wash treatment for exteriors and interiors
  • Concrete Imprint
  • Walls and Floor finishes
  • Installation of floor tiles
  • Finishes for Hotels and Food & Beverage restaurants
  • CraftStone application for all properties

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