Interlocking Concrete Pavement

Interlocking Concrete Pavement

The use of interlocking concrete pavement in Kota Kinabalu is on the rise and can be seen in many residential, industrial and commercial areas.

It is well-suited to Sabah’s tropical climate as the interlocking concrete blocks allows rainwater to run off and permeate into the soil.

Permeable interlocking concrete pavement provides a low maintenance pavement solution to asphalt or concrete, reduce maintenance costs and is Eco-friendly.

Concrete pavers are factory made and can be laid directly on the soil bed, offering easy and simple installation while reducing labor and material costs.

Concrete Pavement in Sabah

Concrete pavers offers a durable life span and are highly cost-effective. The interlocking design is easy to install and supports moderate vehicular traffic.

Interlocking concrete paving is flexible system that will not crack and the pieces are easy to replace.

We can create a unique and eco-friendly solution for your pavements for any type of property.

Areas To Apply Concrete Pavement

  • Driveways/Car Parks/Car Porches
  • Walkway/Footpath
  • Gardens/Parks
  • Residential apartment blocks
  • Industrial and municipal areas
  • Commercial areas and Shopping Malls

Benefits of Concrete Pavers

  • Durable surface
  • Low to zero maintenance
  • Eliminates stormwater runoff
  • Supports moderate vehicular traffic
  • Quick installation
  • Eco-friendly

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