Pebble Wash Coating

Pebble Wash Coating System

Pebble Wash Coating System or also commonly call exposed aggregate finish, is used as a decorative treatment for walls and floors. The pebble wash is laid on the concrete floor or wall and is later exposed to reveal the natural stone coating on the surface.

Pebble Wash treatment is a decorative style of finish suitable for driveways, walkways, columns, pools and patios creating a textured and coloured finish that is attractive and low maintenance.

Pebble Wash Coating is available in a variety of coloured stone, made from quality crushed granite, marble, natural stones from the seaside and river stones. It adds a distinctive character to any project, is a natural and eco-friendly alternative to paint.

It is suitable for use on residential, commercial and municipal areas, on floors, walls and columns.

We specialize in projects using Pebble Wash Coating in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for commercial, residential and municipal projects.

Areas To Apply Pebble Wash

  • Driveways/Car Parks/Car Porches
  • Walkway/Footpath
  • Internal and external walls of buildings
  • Apply on fine plaster, concrete, concrete slabs, wood, gypsum board
  • Park benches
  • Residential and Commercial properties

Benefits of Pebble Wash Coating

  • Made from natural stone
  • Water, washing, abrasion resistant
  • Good performance in tropical climate
  • Flexible coating
  • Eco-friendly
  • Colours does not fade

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