Concrete Imprint Flooring

Concrete Imprint Flooring System

Concrete Imprint Flooring System or Pattern Imprinted Concrete is a popular alternative due to cost and the ability to replicate natural stone tiles. The concrete on the floor is imprinted to create the look of stonework making concrete floor look interesting. Colour is added to the concrete to replicate many stone finishes giving your floor a textured finish.

Concrete imprint flooring and paving can add a distinctive character to any project, with the durability to handle vehicle traffic and our tropical climate. It is suitable for a wide variety of residential, commercial and municipal applications where the architect can upgrade plain concrete or to reduce the cost of installing natural stone pavement.

A major benefit of concrete imprint is the ability to cover large areas quickly, and give you the desired texture and colour of your favourite stone.

We have completed projects using Concrete Imprint in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for commercial, residential and municipal projects.

Areas To Apply Concrete Imprint

  • Driveways/Car Parks/Car Porches
  • Walkway/Footpath
  • Lobbies/Corridors
  • Gardens/Parks
  • Commercial buildings
  • Hotels/Shopping Malls

Benefits of Concrete Imprint

  • Hardened surface
  • Durable finish
  • UV stable
  • Skid Resistance/non-slip
  • Quick installation
  • Easy maintenance

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